Acrylic Mounting and Laminating Services Melbourne

Acrylic Mounting for Fine-Art Photography  &  Limited Edition Prints

At Chromasheen, our passion is to be creative and enthusiastic when working with a priceless original or a limited edition art print.

We love art and we love what we do and what we do we call ‘The Art of Print Finishing’.

We are proud of each product that leaves our workshop and we want to make sure that our clients are delighted when receiving their finished, ready-to-hang masterpiece.

  • Acrylic Face Mounts

  • Clear acrylic glass (sizes up to 1.22 x 3.00m) is most suitable for displaying high-end photography printed on flat, metallic or glossy paper.

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  • Dibond and Custom Art Mounts

  • Our Dibond and custom art mounts (sizes up to 1.22 x 3.00m) are a popular and affordable alternative to framing and can be used to mount any type of printed paper and in some cases original artworks.

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  • Original Print Lamination

  • At CHROMASHEEN, we trust our abilities to handle and work with our customer’s valuable limited edition prints or original artworks (width up to 1.35m) .

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Signage  &  Commercial  Print  Finishing

At CHROMASHEEN, next to catering for most visual arts industries, we offer laminating and mounting solutions to commercial print and retail outlets that are practical, durable and appealing.

Depending on the volume of the job and our client’s deadline, we endeavour to have a quick turnaround time to enable our customers to stay one step ahead in the fast-paced world of commercial printing.

Our products and services in this area of expertise cover all basic fields of large format digital print finishing.

  • Roller Mounts

  • Our roller mount services include the application of any type of printed paper or self-adhesive vinyls (SAV).

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  • Single Sheet Lamination

  • This method of lamination is traditionally used for photographs and art prints that are already individually trimmed to size.

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  • Roll-to-Roll Lamination

  • This method of lamination is usually applied for higher volume jobs and commercial printing.

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  • Double-Sided Lamination

  • ‘Double-sided lamination’ or ‘encapsulation’ are terms that describe a laminating technique that is usually used for outdoor applications or where enhanced protection is needed.

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