Signage and Commercial Print Mounting

Our signage and commercial print mounting services include the application of any type of printed paper or self-adhesive vinyls (SAV).

At Chromasheen, we offer fast and hassle-free solutions for all your signage and commercial print mounting needs.

If your supplied print media does not carry a self-adhesive liner, we first apply a double-sided, acid-free adhesive film that is adhered securely onto a range of semi-rigid or rigid substrates. (See our list of common substrates below).

Depending on the use and showcase location of your artwork, a suitable hanging system can easily be attached to most substrates upon request.

If additional durability (i.e. UV and scratch protection) is required, your image is then overlayed with one of our premium laminates (e.g. Anti-Graffiti). See Single Sheet or Roll-to-Roll Lamination.

Substrates that we use for our signage and commercial print mounting are:

  • Foam Boards
  • Gator Boards
  • Kapa Boards
  • Foam PVC Sheets
  • Aluminium Composite Panels
  • Aluminium Sheets
  • MDF Boards
  • Screen Boards

Each of these substrates comes in various thicknesses and has unique surface- (texture and appearance) and core- (stability and rigidity) qualities as explained below:

Screen board (2mm)

2mm Screen Board is our most cost effective mounting solution, it is very thin and lightweight, and can either be hung directly on the wall using Velcro or used within a frame. All cards have a slight texture, so gloss prints can lose the smooth look on this material.

Foam Core (5mm, 10mm)

Foam-Core is lightweight with a white centre core. It is often used to keep prints flat within a frame but can also be hung directly to the wall, just be aware that it can be effected by changing temperature and humidity, so take care where you hang the print.

Kapa board (5mm, 10mm, 20mm)

Kapa Board is extremely lightweight has a grey centre core with an aluminium foil liner to give it extra strength. With a smoother surface than Foam Core, it is often used to hang directly to the wall. On the 10mm or 20mm thick options we offer an optional black or white edging service to hide the grey core.

Foam PVC (3mm, 5mm)

Available in either black or white, this material is flexible, but tougher than both card and foamboard. This expanded PVC material is often used to keep prints flat within a frame but can also be hung directly to the wall.

Foam PVC
Aluminium Composite Panel   (3mm)

3mm Aluminium Composite is a combination of a dark plastic core with a thin layer of aluminium coated on each side. This archival mounting solution is perfect for very large pieces or touring exhibitions and due to its smooth surface, works perfectly with metallic or glossy prints.

Alu Composite Panel
At Chromasheen, essential to our service is to discuss and advice on the best possible material used to achieve the desired results.
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