Fine-Art Lamination

Chromasheen offers premium fine-art lamination

At CHROMASHEEN, we trust our abilities to handle and work with our customer’s valuable limited edition prints or original artworks.

We will assess each job individually and advise our clients of the best possible manufacturing processes to reduce the risk of potential damage.

Due to the nature of any craft and manual work, we cannot give a full guarantee of success but assure to devote the highest level of care at all times. In the unlikely case of an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate, we offer a 7 day return/refund policy.

If fine-art lamination of your work is desired, a clear plastic coating (film) is sealed onto your prints to make them stronger, more durable, and resistant to humidity, scratches and stains.

Laminates that we use for our original print lamination are:

  • Gloss/High Gloss
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Textured Satin/Sandtex

We don’t always recommend laminating original art or art prints as any laminate will subtly change the appearance of the work an its colours and contrasts. It is very important to note that laminating (and mounting) is a non-reversible process.

The maximum width of our laminates is 1300mm!

Gloss Laminate (or High Gloss)

This laminate has a better clarity than the matte seal, but the gloss surface highlights the often inevitable slight wavering surface texture (called ‘orange peel’) of all mounting substrates, except aluminium and acrylic).  Also, the glossy finish is prone to surface scratching.

Gloss Laminate
Matte Laminate

This is a durable PVC lamination film with a very matte, anti-reflective surface. This type of laminate will dull blacks slightly.

Satin Laminate

This laminate provides the most neutral surface with medium reflective characteristics that can be used for most light situations and mounting substrates. It is more scratch and fingerprint resistant than the matte or gloss laminates.

Textured Satin/Sandtex

This slightly textured laminate is very durable and scratch resistant and therefore perfect for many commercial uses such as floor graphics or various pull-up stand systems. It is however not recommended for art and photographic prints as it tends to dull the colours and details.

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