Acrylic Face Mounts

Chromasheen is known in the industry to provide world class acrylic face mounts guaranteed to captivate the viewer

Acrylic face mounts are a very suitable and impressive display technique of high quality photography printed on smooth photo papers such as gloss, metallic or Fujiflex.

At Chromasheen, we pride ourselves to have mastered the Art of Acrylic Face Mounting: even working with large, limited edition and signed photographs printed on the top-of-the-range polyester base Fujiflex film, we achieve immaculate and stunning results.

With the image mounted behind the acrylic and seen through it, light refracts in such a way that makes the colour pop providing a near 3-D effect. With right lighting, it almost appears as if the piece is illuminated from behind.  This cannot be achieved with direct printing or glass in traditional frames.

The optical clarity and sparkle of the acrylic not only enhances the colours and visual intensity of your image, but also provides UV protection and great physical stability.

We offer a range of hidden hanging systems as well as our gap frame (i.e. Euroframe) in either black or white or simply with aluminium standoff bolts for a more industrial feel.

For these reasons, the ultramodern look of our professionally made acrylic face mounts is perfectly suitable for contemporary art galleries and museums, stylish homes, office spaces and hotel lobbies.

Acrylic Face Mount product range:
  • 3 mm, 4.5 mm and 6 mm thick premium clear acrylic (polished edges)
  •  1 mm, 3 mm and 4.5 mm thick ‘backer boards’ (i.e. Dibond, PVC, acrylic) to add rigidity
  • Flame polished 30mm thick acrylic blocks in various sizes with satin black or brushed silver vinyl backing
  • Acrylic easel displays with two anodised aluminium stands
  • Centre Mounts
Hanging systems:
  • Hidden aluminium cleat hanging frame with custom made hanging rail
  • Aluminium anodised standoff bolts
  • Rigid PVC split batons
Acrylic face mounting
Acrylic face mounting

Our acrylics can have your image centre-mounted (i.e. with an equal clear border all around) or we can finish your design in a circle or other custom shape. Even our laser engraving option might give your piece that personal touch…

Chromasheen welcomes and responds to customer imagination and ideas and offers innovative and high-quality products wherever possible.

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